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Welcome to Nature Nuts

Children love wildlife! Since 2009 Nature Nuts has offered fun themed play sessions for kids and their carers that include something a little special - firsthand encounters with wild creatures and plants, beastly bugs, amazing natural objects, little critters, and much more. Come and join 100s of other Nature Nuts enjoy wildlife discovery for children, with an educational twist.

We meet animals, we look, listen, make, feel, explore outdoors and have fun!

Robin Butterfly Session Face Paints Coolings Frog Hedgehog Stick Insect Experience

Client quotes:

"We thought you might be interested to see a summary of your workshop evaluations by delegates [at the education conference] : Excellent - 13/32 (41%), Good - 14/32 (44%) ... Thank you for making the day such a success."

"It's a highlight in our week. The boys love it."

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you've done this week at Summer Camp - Jake has thoroughly enjoyed himself... it was right up his street!! Do let me know if you do anything like this again!"

"Such a great concept. Something really different and inspired. Love it!"

"My son came home absolutely full of it and at bedtime told me all about it...a resounding success."

"I have never seen my daughter so engrossed....Well organised and great value for money."

Butterfly on Shirt Summer Camp Birdbox Painting Summer Camp

"Phoebe came home from Summer Camp and DEMANDED I come for a walk with her in nature so she could show me all the things she had learned about butterflies and toads and birds. You should be very proud of yourself for the impact this week has had on the children. Well done indeed!"

"Evie has learned loads in lots of fun ways."

"My children can't wait to wake up tomorrow, so they can come to Camp again. Marvellous."

"He LOVED it soooooo much! An awesome club."

"It was lovely to see the attention on all the children's faces."

"Thank you so much for this wonderful summer camp. He was full of it tonight. Told me all about the stick game, the caterpillar..everything. I have never heard him so animated about any other summer activity before!"

"Amy is at school now and she still talks about Nature Nuts whenever we do anything to do with nature."

* Email: enquiry@nature-nuts.co.uk to join the mailing list for exciting updates on our events, school holiday sessions, and new weekly classes starting this year! Better still join us on Facebook and get to enter competitions and win prizes too.

Storytime Summer Camp


Nature Nuts helps children get closer to the nature right on their own doorstep. Our sessions are mini adventures bringing in sight, sound, touch and sometimes smell. Play sessions are divided into bite-sized chunks of activity, crafts, stories, games, singingand seasonal nature discovery, in a comfortable setting.

We've got some great nature-themed boredom busters for children to take home and use in the garden, or park, and inside (or outside) on a rainy day. Nature Nuts invites you to share your child's fascination with the natural world and meet some likeminded parents and carers too. Come and have some fun!

We spend time outside together and get really close up to nature. Best of all, we meet wildlife and explore nature and its facsinating objects too!

Sir David Attenborough [newspaper interview 2010]

"It is my belief that there is barely a child born into this world that is not initially interested in nature and other creatures"

Did you know?

  • 87% of children prefer playing outside to watching TV [Eureka Children's Museum W. Yorkshire survey of 3,000 chidlren and parents, 2014].
  • In a survey of 9-10 year olds in 2008, 38% of children could not identify a frog. [BBC Wildlife Magazine Survey 2008].
  • Fewer than 10 per cent of today's children play outside regularly, compared to 40 per cent of adults questioned about their own childhood [Natural England Survey 2009].
  • A recent survey by The National Trust found that only half of Britain’s children could identify an oak leaf. By contrast nine out of 10 could identify fictional TV characters.

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